The Big Bang Theory 'Weight Gain Series' Comic Artpack

A Big Bang Theory weight gain gamble that grows out of control!

A Comic and Artpack.

The Big Bang Theory 'Weight Gain Series' Comic Artpack

Read how Bernie, Amy and then Penny all race to become the fattest woman in the world and universe to win a grant of a million dollars. To please their genius scientist feeder partners and out do each-other to be the biggest and most beautiful and heaviest of the friend group.

Reading Order

  1. Bernie WG
  2. Amy WG
  3. Bernie and Amy
  4. Amy 3000lbs
  5. Penny WG
  6. Penny 5000lbs

Coming Soon- ( Work in Progress and added no extra charge!)

Bernie 3500lbs

Bernie, Amy and Penny Together Final Finale.

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