Liv'in Large The Motion Comic

Fully voiced animated comic like no other!

A Weight Gain Motion Comic

Sit back and watch Liv'in Large A Weight Gain Comic, now an animated Motion Comic. What exactly is a Motion Comic? It's a simple or basic animated style of motion that gives static images some movement with the addition of voice acting and sound effects. 

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“Liv Morgan, the self prescribed wild child of WWE, has just collided with megastar Charlotte Flair. The results prove less than satisfactory for her figure. In this fun, bright and down right gratuitous fat appreciation weight gain comic we will see Liv Morgan discover herself, her growing appetite and so much more of herself on the road to redemption. Before unveiling her new 'Real' look for her Epic Rematch against Flair!”

The full 9 page comic has been converted into a 18 minute long Motion Comic over a 6 month long editing process to incorporate the incredible performances of Voice Actors; Dorn and Nami955. The sound design was also produced by Phoenix Erotic Audio who also provided additional voices.

If you enjoyed the comic then you will love this!  

Purchasing this motion comic directly helps me fund making more amazing high quality animated comics in the future. Thank you!

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