Sabrina the Obese Witch Artpack

Pancake Addiction!

Sabrina's aunts tell her not to eat pancakes because it seems that anyone in their family who eats pancakes becomes addicted. Sabrina ignores them and becomes hooked gaining massive amounts of sugary fat quickly!

Sabrina was really inspirational TV for my feederism kink as a young lad. I remember seeing her get stuck in the doorframe in that iconic blue blow up tracksuit because she gorged herself at school on Pancakes. Its an iconic 90s Feederism Kink Episode. If you haven't seen it. Check it out. Also check out this Artpack of Sabrina for Adults ONLY!

Sabrina gets naughty as her lust for pancakes grows and is easily persuaded by the football team to do anything they want for more pancakes.

12 Files

  • 5 Comic Files
  • 5 Pinup Files
  • 2 Sketch Files

Contained in those files are versions of the base illustration with Topless, Bigger Boobs, Bukkake and Nude all with unique comic dialog.

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